Care is started at the booking visit - this appointment normally takes approx 1-2 hours and we fill in your antenatal notes and take time to discuss issues such as healthy eating, screening test available etc

Antenatal Care

Each visit lasts approx 1 hour and gives us the opportunity to build a trusting relationship as well as monitor the progress of your pregnancy.

We will also be able to spend unhurried time talking about hopes and fears and de-briefing any previous birth experiences.

We are on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, enabling you to feel confident that we are always available.

When you go into labour, we will initially speak to you by phone and then attend when you require. We will stay with you throughout the labour and birth and will call a second midwife when the birth is imminent

If your labour becomes complicated and you decide to go into hospital, we will accompany you .Whilst we will be unable to provide clinical care, we will remain with you and act as your advocate throughout your labour and birth.  Similarly, if you choose a hospital birth, we will initially visit you at home and will then accompany you to hospital when you feel that you would like to go in.  We will act as your support and advocate whilst you are in the hospital too.

Following the birth, we will stay for a few hours to ensure that all is well with you and your newborn.

Postnatal Care
Your postnatal care is provided daily initially, for around 5 days, helping you to establish breastfeeding and helping you to gain confidence in caring for your newborn.

We am still available for advice and support on the phone in between visits. We believe that postnatal care should be flexible and you will be able to guide us as to how much or how little input you require.

We can liase with other health professionals such as health visitors and GP's during this time. Visits normally become less frequent after the first week and end approximately 6 weeks after your birth.