Because we work outside of the NHS, we are able to offer the time and commitment to our clients, and are able to provide true women centred care to each of them.

Each visit is an opportunity for us to build a trusting relationship, and for your primary midwife to get to know your family and the values that are important to you. We are able to spend time discussing your hopes and fears, plus any childbirth experiences you have had in the past. We normally visit about 10 times during your pregnancy, but you may have more visits depending on clinical need. Care is provided in a place of your choice, usually your own home, at a time and date convenient to you. We make a commitment to you to be on call for when you go into labour and choose to stay on call for you once you have given birth, to give you confidence in breastfeeding and life with a new baby.


Private, independent midwives often have skills that have been lost in the busy NHS system - such as homebirth, waterbirth, vaginal birth after caesarean(s) (VBAC), twin birth and breech birth. We have a great deal of experience in homebirth and VBAC and some experience with twin and breech birth.