Waterbirth at home



In common with most private midwives, we believe that home is the safest place for most women to give birth. Our belief is founded in our own experiences (both as a midwives and mothers) and in the latest research that shows that homebirth is as safe (if not safer than) hospital birth.


 Benefits of giving birth at home include:


  • Require less pain relief
  • Are less likely to have a caesarean section (even if they transfer to hospital)
  • Are less likely to need an episiotomy
  • Are less likely to have a baby that requires resuscitation
  • Are more likely to have a positive birth experience



As midwives, we are trained to deal with emergencies within the home and carry the necessary equipment to resuscitate both baby and mum, carry drugs to deal with heavy bleeding, provide suction and oxygen and can provide care until medical help arrives. We always work with a second midwife at all the homebirths, as we feel it is beneficial for our clients to have two midwives attend the birth.  Wealso attend regular update and refresher sessions on emergencies, to ensure that our practice is competent and up to date.