As both mummies and midwives, we recognize that dads-to-be often feel that all the attention of midwives is focused on the woman.

Within our own practice, we place a great deal of emphasis on partners being as involved as possible in the pregnancy. We are also keen for them to take part in discussions around options and choices in childbirth.


Whilst the majority of our antenatal visits are Mon-Fri, 9-5pm, we try to be as flexible as possible about tailoring our visits around times that partners can also be present, therefore, we offer some appointments in the evenings or at the weekends.


Men often have lots of questions, as well as worries and concerns about the forthcoming labour and we have found that given the time and space, they will talk through their concerns. This is really important, because there needs to be a positive attitude around a woman when she is in labour, and not a feeling of impending danger.


Men often have more concerns than women, as they are not actually 'doing' the giving birth, and therefore are more of an observer. We aim for men to feel that they are active participants in the pregnancy and can be of real 'use' in labour and birth, rather than a 'spare part!'.


Of course, this is their baby too.